Behind the Song: Open Arms

Strong theology leads to rich worship

Of all of the songs on our debut album “All For You” might be the most complete portrait of what worship is all about.

As a band we constantly strive to make certain that our worship is rooted deeply in the truth of God as revealed in His Word. When we stand together on the fullness of God’s person and plan our response will be boisterous singing and devoted living.

Of all of the songs on our debut album “All For You” might be the most complete portrait of what worship is all about. The first verse is a beautiful picture of the Gospel.

Worship Songs

Christ Alone

The song “Christ Alone” is a prayer for the people of God. A request that we would be known for what is on God’s heart. That we would see people how God sees them. That our lives would reflect His Name and His truth.

Weight of Glory

The phrase “Weight of Glory” is the name of a group of lectures given by the brilliant C.S. Lewis and the title of the seventh track from “Lifted High.” Leaning on Lewis the song seeks to communicate the gravity and expanse of the greatness of God.

O Great Love

In our travels, we get the privilege of serving in a wide variety of contexts, from large conferences to small country churches. The variety is terrific. We can’t help but love hundreds of students bursting with energy and fervor in worship.

Gift giving is one of my favorite things to do. I treasure the feeling of finding just the right thing to give.

Sometimes it is extravagant and costly. Other times it is simple and small.


One song from this chapter of our lives that resonated far beyond the walls of the camp chapel is “Lifted High.” Even to this day one of the most meaningful lyrics God has ever inspired through our pen is “may the matchless Name of Jesus be the anthem of our lives.”

Over the years I have learned that the greatest battle is keeping Jesus-central in my thoughts and affections. I find that the war against my complacent heart is the most intense struggle I face every day..

When it comes to my relationship with God, I am completely lost in the gift-giving department. First, there is no possible way that I could give anything more than God gave. 

He created everything. He breathed life into my lungs. He paid the highest price to purchase my forgiveness in giving Jesus as a perfect, ultimate sacrifice. He is all sufficient and all knowing. What do you get the God who has everything?

No Love Song